A few years before my grandfather, Tony Eiler, passed away he gave me photographs from his childhood. I wanted to make sure everyone in the family could enjoy these photographs so I scanned them and uploaded them to my flickr account. Luckily my grandfather was never one to shy away from new technologies so he was able to log on and comment. One of his comments actually informed me that his mother was only one vow away from becoming a nun! He passed the link to a few of my grandmother's relatives who also commented and led to more realizations about her childhood.  I went on to make a few videos about their lives. These videos were my first attempt using a new movie making software. I have edited them all numerous time but I still feel the have a lot of work to go.

I eventually loaded photos from the other side of my family, the Brancato's, and got a few comments from them. But my favorite thing was when my cousin used them to make an anniversary present for her parents. I currently have over 2,500 photos and videos on flickr. My flickr collections relate to many thingsā€¦ travels, job, school, etc. I need to delete some and give better description to others. (Hopefully I will get around to that soon.) But the sets listed below relate to the my family scanning projects. I still have more to do but I also have a feeling this will be a never-ending job. Luckily it's what I love to do!

SatineMagic - View my 'Super 8 films' set on Flickriver

These video clips were digitized by the Texas Archive of Moving Images. They belong to my mother and step-father. I did not even know they existed and one is of my first birthday party!

SatineMagic - View my 'Ford-Brancato Wedding' set on Flickriver

My grandparents, Doris Ford Brancato and Vincent Brancato were married on September 5, 1949 at Sacred Heart Cathedral in downtown Dallas.

SatineMagic - View my 'Tony Eiler' set on Flickriver

My grandfather, Tony Eiler, before marrying my grandmother.

SatineMagic - View my 'Peggy Hosey Eiler' set on Flickriver

My grandmother, Peggy Hosey Eiler, before marrying my grandfather, Tony Eiler in 1954.

SatineMagic - View my 'Brancato Family' set on Flickriver

These photos are from two (out of whose knows how many) of my grandmother's photo albums. I started with these because they were in those very dangerous self stick albums from the 1970s.

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