I was hired by the East Texas Research Center (ETRC) at Stephen F. Austin State University during my final semesters of grad school. In 2008, after completing my MA, I received a faculty position at the ETRC working as an archivist. In February 2010 I was appointed Assistant Director/Digital Archivist. At that time I was tasked with gaining control of the digital repository (now known as the East Texas Digital Archives & Collections). I soon found out completing that task would be easier said than done. My duties included creation and implementation of workflows, guidelines and policies for digital projects as well as managing and collecting digital assets and collections for the ETRC. I also assisted community members and other institutions with their digitalization needs and questions. In April 2013, I took a job at a private religious university in Ohio. At my current institution manage university records, special collections, rare books, and university memorabilia. This includes creating policies and procedures as well as collecting, processing, and evaluating collections.

This is the personal website of Jennifer Brancto. The opinions and views expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.